Exhibitions From Jan. to Dec., 2022.

02/07/2022- 03/06/2022
Collections from Art Center of NCHU: The Calligraphy and Ink Painting Exhibition of Hsieh Shao-Hsuan
03/10/2022- 04/09/2022
The Great Stroke: Hsiao Shih-Chiung and Liang Yung-Fei's Exhibition
04/14/2022- 05/13/2022
Chang Feng-Ji: An Exhibition of Ecological Photography
05/19/2022- 06/18/2022
Lacquer Art: A Teacher and Students Exhibition of Lacquer Art by Ms. Huang Li-Shu
09/15/2022- 10/14/2022
Wandering in the Mind of Art and Literature: The Calligraphy of Li Yu-Chou

10/27/2022- 11/26/2022
The Photography Exhibition of Jhuang Ling
12/08/2022- 01/07/2023
The Art Exhibition of Jhen Wun-Jin