Artist:Li Yu-Chou
Date:15th Sep. ~ 14th Oct., 2022
Venue:Art Center, NCHU (The 7th floor in Library building)
Opening Hours:9:00-17:00 from Mon. to Fri., 10:00-16:00 from Sat. to Sun. (closed on public holidays)
Remarks:Admission Free

Wandering in the Mind of Art Literature: The igraphy of Li Yu-Chou

From September 15 to October 14 of 2022, the Art Center of National Chung Hsing University will be hosting the event of " Wandering in the Mind of Art and Literature: The Calligraphy of Li Yu-Chou ". Professor Li Yu Zhou, known as the "Walking dictionary of Calligraphy", upholds the attitude of "Frankly writing", he works diligently in calligraphy, and in the study of combing the historical context, he has gained a natural interest and elegant taste in books and adheres to authority of contemporary calligraphy theory; His calligraphy works associate the classical and modern art style, his characters are vigorous and forceful, how he has been called comprehensive calligraphers is well deserved, additionally, he is also good at creating and discourse; This time was invited to exhibit all kinds of particularly fine calligraphic works, Welcome all art lovers to visit and enjoy this exhibition.

Li Yu Zhou (1949 ~ ), also called Li Wen Zhen, was born in Yuanchang Township, Yunlin County, a courtesy name is known as Bi An, the hermit of the peach forest. Master's degree in Chinese Culture University College of Arts. He has served successively as an elementary school teacher and principal, Ming Da University institute of Chinese studies professor, National Taiwan University of Arts department of painting and calligraphy arts visiting professor, what more, he has a role as chairman in The Calligraphy Education Association R.O.C., Li Yu Zhou actively promotes the Ph.D. and master's students of various universities to write papers on calligraphy as dissertations, hosting annual calligraphy symposiums, and publishing anthologies of papers, with considerable results. He was accompanied by professor Du Zhong-Gao, they edit "Senior High School Calligraphy" textbook, besides, he is the author of "Calligraphic theory and writing research", "Taiwanese Calligrapher and Calligraphic", "Secret in Huai Su's works", and also compose many calligraphy treatises such as"Complete collection of Cao Rong".

Professor Li had a great interest in calligraphy since adolescence, with serendipity, he started learning calligraphic with "Art canoe with two oars", written by Bao Shih Chen, and Kang You Wei's "Vast Art canoe with two oars", as well as studying various calligrapher's artworks, such as Chen Ding Ci, Dai Lan Gun, Wang Huang Wei, and Wu Sue Fan, reading calligraphic theory in past dynasties, learning through education of calligraphy and analyzing Taiwan's & calligraphic development history, he got subsidized by the Ministry of Science and Technology program repeatedly by researching 20th century of Taiwan's calligraphy history, these treatises take an essential place in Taiwan or international calligraphic professions.

For the exhibiting artworks, “Dance” appear to a full sense of movement, with the fluid stroke, the connotation in it abundant with the intrinsic, general appearance of a picture is simple and neat.” Cao Bao Lin presents to Li Yu Zhou” of the lines are bold and thick, the glyph structure emerges square, it strokes multiply angularity, the pen’s loose but not slippery, and the epitaph is a masterpiece of inscription integration. “Poem of the waterfall” leads to the idyllic and lofty secluded life, the straight font is like a just and upright personality, and the gentle essence hidden in the light strokes is a portrayal of the book.

Professor Li Yu Zhou’s calligraphy combined plenty of advantages from countless factions and achieved a written and streamlined appearance of his style. The picture of the work either constructs the visual art style or presents the literary own view so that the viewer can appreciate the beauty of diversified calligraphy at close range, follow the emotional charm and creative context of the calligrapher's line, and dive into the numerous books of calligraphy.