Artist:Hsiao Shih-Chiung, Liang Yung-Fei
Date:10th March ~ 9th April, 2022
Venue:Art Center, NCHU (The 7th floor in Library building)
Opening Hours:09:00-17:00 from Mon. to Fri., 10:00-16:00 from Sat. to Sun. (closed on public holidays)

The Great Stroke: Hsiao Shih-Chiung Liang Yung-Fei's Exhibition

From March 10 to April 9 of 2022, the Art Center of National Chung Hsing University will be hosting the event of “The Great Stroke – Hsiao Shih-Chiung and Liang Yung-Fei’s Art Exhibition,” demonstrating the works of two calligraphy artists that possess profound knowledge and skill in calligraphy. Jumping out of traditional frameworks, they seek to combine modern trend with ancient culture, thereby creating modern aesthetic air that incorporate “visual arts” and “elegant writings.” The two masters’ works are uniquely vivid, giving the words a dynamic energy of “presenting meaning by shapes” and enabling them to express and communicate with each other.

Hsiao Shih-Chiung, born at Budai, Chiayi in 1959, is a master from Chinese Graduate School of National Taiwan Normal University and a doctor from Chinese Graduate School of Feng Chia University. Currently, he’s acting as an associate professor in General Education Center of Feng Chia University, the president of Ri Ji Shu Association, and a relic identification committee of National Museum of History. His calligraphic works have won the Permanently exempt from censorship of Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition, and the Wu San-Lien Award, three times of top three in National Art Exhibition ROC, Chung Shan Art Awards, Da Dun Award of Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition, Nanying Award, and Ministry of Education Literary Creation Award, etc.. He’s also been invited to hold numerous personal exhibitions as well as joint exhibitions at home and abroad, as well as being hired as a reviewer of a number of national fine art exhibitions. His calligraphic works present a sense of traditional ink painting, with hard strokes but smooth shapes. His strokes have a multitude of styles, presenting some kind of amusingly dull sense that a child has. The overall atmosphere of the works is formed by the gathering and dispersion of dots and lines. The exaggerating and intriguing layout present impressive and powerful scenes. In addition to the plain works, the “pot carvings,” “tea jar,” and “wine bottle” are included in this exhibition as well, thus making the works authentic to life.

Liang Yung-Fei, born at Pingtung in 1962, was graduated from Department of Education of National Taiwan Normal University. He is now the director of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, the deputy director of National Museum of History, and the president of Shi Te-Chin Foundation; he’s also been an advisor of Ministry of Culture, director of Division of Art Development, and director of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. A public servant and art creator, Liang Yung-Fei has rich experiences in art and education. In his leisure time, he’s dedicated to studying Western arts and calligraphic structure. His works cover realistic as well as abstract styles with changing strokes of words and vivid rhythm. The incorporation of layers and colors make his works stand out in the field of calligraphy, paving the way to highly distinguishable style of “combining calligraphy and painting.” He has published a number of collections of modern calligraphic arts and been invited to hold tour exhibitions across Taiwan. Six series of his works will be displayed in this exhibition, showing that “unbounded forms in the art of calligraphy.”

The connotation of works lies in the direction that the creators wish to guide. Calligraphy is composed of visual art preconditions of image, lines, strokes, and layout; it should also contain readable literature qualities. The hundreds of works in the exhibition all transcend the classic aesthetic perspective and show the uniqueness in their own glory. The elements of design that incorporates paintings and colors can also emphasize the creative ideas and expressions in various kinds of aspects through different materials, thus expanding the artistic values of calligraphy and constructing different possibilities. All fans of arts are welcomed to have a fantastic journey here!