Artist:Lin Hsiu-Feng
Date:22nd Sep. ~ 19th Oct., 2021
Venue:Art Center, NCHU (The 7th floor in Library building)
Opening Hours:09:00-17:00 from Mon. to Fri., 10:00-16:00 from Sat. to Sun. (closed on 25-26 Sep., 2-3 Oct.)
Remarks:Admission Free

Movement of Bamboo: Lin Hsiu-Feng’s Bamboo Weaving Exhibition

The Art Center of NCHU invited an outstanding bamboo weaving artist, Lin Hsiu-Feng, who achieved the recognition of the 4th Da Dun Arts and Crafts Masters, and the important preserver of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Bamboo Weaving to stage a solo exhibition from 22nd September to 19th October, 2021.
Lin, Hsiu-Feng used to work at the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, engaging in research, creation, education and promotion activities of bamboo weaving that was involved in the history of bamboo industry for nearly half century. Lin’s artworks have been selected 7 times to the National Taiwan Fine Arts Exhibition and Weaving Crafts Award, and gained silver metal of the 14th China(Putian) Strait Arts and Crafts Fair. She has been invited to hold art exhibitions and lectures around the world. Among her dozens of publications, the “23 Techniques of Rattan Work” achieved the National Outstanding Publications Award for NTCRI.
“Bamboo Weaving” is an important Taiwanese traditional craft that presenting the accumulation of our ancestors' wisdom and experience passed down over the generations. Through the stacking and derivation of different era, groups, regions and need, it has created a rich and diverse modern bamboo weaving style, and moved towards to the development of bamboo weaving aesthetics. Lin’s solid bamboo weaving technique, unique creativity, and the combination of bamboo and dif––ferent materials blend the past with the present. The Deputy Director-general at the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Chang Jen-Chi said, Lin’s works is strongly reveal her inner dialogues, cultural concerns, and transformation of attitude towards life, in addition to the external technique, application of media, variation of format, warm hand-feel, and natural and distinctive fabric and texture.
This exhibition offers Lin’s four series (over 40 sets) of bamboo weaving works and a great resource of educational materials for school and community activities. Especially the large-scale installations which are Soaring, Bamboo Mountain, Leisure and Crowd that bring us a new vision of bamboo weaving art. The valuable artworks are leading us to see the beauty of change in forms and the incredible skill of bamboo weaving. We are looking forward to seeing you come to enjoy the art center. Hope to build up an indicative and functionality aesthetics space.

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