Exhibitions From Jan. to Dec., 2021

02/18/21- 03/06/21 Collections from Art Center of NCHU: A Joint Exhibition of Spring Art by Contemporary Artists
03/11/21- 04/23/21 Traces of Brush and Ink- Celebrated Artists' Works of Calligraphy and Ink Wash Painting in NMH Collection
05/13/21- 06/12/21 Insight・Life: Tsai, Jung-Yu’s Art Exhibition
09/22/21- 10/19/21 Movement of Bamboo: Lin Hsiu-Feng’s Bamboo Weaving Exhibition
10/28/21- 11/27/21  A Solo Exhibition of Arts by Hwang, Wey-Jeng
12/09/21- 01/08/22  Stride Forward:The Calligraphy Exhibition of Huang Kuo-Shu